Network Services

We have significant experience delivering world class engineering services for both large and small customers and projects. Our engineering team has experience in both the telecom and pharma industries. 


Network Planning and Design

Multiple members of our core team have more than 20 years experience working with Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Sprint, and Verizon, to name a few, that have been involved in planning and design for RAN, Transport, and IP networks from several hundred to tens of thousands of sites. 

Our experience includes RAN Macro, Micro, Small cell, and DAS networks. We are expert in Transport, including Microwave, Fiber and Copper, both TDM and IP. 

The combination of our engineering and software development and automation competence enable Akinnovate to provide cost efficient and innovative solutions to traditional labor intensive tasks.  

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Network Configuration and Integration

We can assist you with the multiple configuration and setup processes on your network hardware, software and supporting components, to ensure that it functions as designed. We will establish, evolve and improve this labor intensive area by utilizing all three of our current practice areas. This would include IP/Core, Wireless and IT systems and user equipment as we have done for clients in IT and Telecom.

We can create and develop configuration information sheets and integrate equipment into your network by utilizing engineers with many years of multi-technology and multi-vendor experience. We can assist you in bringing together the components into one system  to act as a coordinated whole.


Network Acceptance and Optimization

Our experience will allow us to manage and execute network testing and acceptance to ensure the deployment matches the design, including multi-band and multi-technology sites. We can achieve this through drive testing, network probes and analysis of system logs and records.

Where the network is not performing as expected or required, we will assist you in determining causation, and develop and implement a plan for remediation of the issues. 

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Network Staffing

 We have significant experience delivering world class network services for both large and small customers and projects. 

We have managed the design, deployment, integration, configuration, optimization and operations of networks from a few hundred to several thousand sites, including wireless, wireline and fiber systems.

We can provide a complete teams or individual resources. We can structure any engagements to help ensure your success.