We can help you define requirements, develop and implement highly efficient and scalable solutions, using our experienced software development team. We have extensive expetience in Telecom, IT, Government and the Non-Profit sectors. 


Software Development

In addition to creating innovative technology to leverage our combined experience, we have created custom web and mobile web applications to meet our clients business needs, at the scale needed from large utility customers to smaller non-profits. 

One of our exciting areas of development has been in the Internet of Things and smart device solutions where we are able to develop software using either an open or closed architecture for our clients on either a purchase or license basis. Additionally, we can provide solutions for relational and big data storage. 

We have expertise with multiple technologies and building custom cross platform solutions.


Systems Integration and Migrations

We have successfully implemented COTS/3rd party software including the customization of that software, and if required, creating the middleware and API solutions that will allow integration with existing legacy software. 

There are several custom solutions we can provide for migration to cloud based storage and services allowing access across multiple technologies and platforms.


Analytics, Information/Data Management

Our team can create interactive data mining and reporting tools, custom workflow and data flow solutions to allow our customer to harness the power of their data and use it to leverage their position. 

Additionally, we can set up data auditing an validation to ensure cross platform consistency, including dashboarding, KPIs and predictive analysis and trending.