Akinnovate is a boutique consulting company providing management consulting, engineering, and software development. We believe in a total solution approach for your technical and business growth needs.

Our senior team averages over 20 years of global experience in Management, Telecommunications, Information Technology and the Software Development industries.



Change your Perspective

You will benefit from our fresh point of view and proven track record to improve performance and achieve excellence. We understand that to truly innovate you need to look at things differently than you may have in the past.   

Akinnovate will engage in useful dialogue with your team to produce objective solutions that work. Collaboration is one of the keys to our success.




Build your Business

We develop and organize business processes for growth. Our global experience allows us to help you grow your business by leveraging our previous engagements and experience. We can help you achieve your goals.




Develop and Improve your Processes

New products, services and products may require new processes. We have significant experience and ongoing success in assisting out customers bring them to market.

External change, such as market shifts, can have far-reaching impact for your business.  Minimize the effect of external conditions by transforming your business processes, and let us help you stay one step ahead.




Increase your Synergies

Teamwork is key. We know that building a true partnership requires trust and communication. We know how to listen and adapt to your ongoing business objectives. We recognize that the key to our success is making sure YOU succeed.